Our Philosophy


All works are completed by Vert Industries Employees only. We do not use sub-contractors, as we like to train and carry out works in-house to manage the delivery closely.

Our large ongoing contracts ensure we can   have a large workforce, and employees that are flexible to move around the country where required.

Having a diverse range of skills and experienced employees, enables us to take on projects of all sizes.

All employees have current Australian police vetting.

Vert Industries use only the highest quality products to ensure quality results. We strive to find solutions for our client’s building & asset problems.

Vert Industries aim to offer minimal disruption to surrounding work-places. This is particularly important when working in or around a commercial building with many tenants. In some cases, this sees us working outside of normal business hours for seamless delivery.




Vert Industries ensure that the delivery of each project passes our strict level of quality assurance testing.

We will always outline the scope of works within our project packs, ensuring all work is carried out to legislative standards, meets the building code and also complies with all safety requirements.

Regular ‘Quality Audits’ are carried out on each project by direct management and by site supervisors.

Vert Industries also integrates environmental considerations in all its procedures and processes. It is committed to working within high standards of environmental performance.




Vert Industries place Health & Safety at the highest level of priority for all aspects of work.

Site Safety Management Plans are put in place for all projects, ensuring a SWMS is completed and regular toolbox meetings are held daily.

We have ‘incident’ and ‘near-miss’ procedures in place to ensure regular monitoring and improvements are made towards safety in the workplace.

Vert Industries integrates environmental considerations into all policies and procedures. We are committed to working within high standards of environmental performance.