Fostering Talent

In-house Training

Annual training programme, updated on an ongoing basis to reflect upcoming projects and company’s core business

Specific,on site, manual training is all conducted by Vert Industries Management team
Peer training on site & knowledge sharing on-site.

Supplier training, as part of ‘approved applicator’ policies.

Communication and Technology

Computer technology is networked by an on-site server, monitored by and maintained by an outsidefirm. This firm has the ability to remotely access and support our technology.

All employees are in mobile phone contact with our office and all staff can be reached via email, immediately on their phones.

Information is backed up daily and stored off site.

Ability and Eficiency

We can offer minimal disruption in both residential and commercial buildings. This is particularly important in a large building with many tenants.
If needed, we offer 24/7 around the clock service.



      • ARAA (Australian Rope Access TradeAssociation)
      • SAYFASystems
      • CM3
      • WPCG