Drone inspections by Vert Industries

Drone inspection is “A Smart, Safe, Efficient & Cost Effective Alternative to Traditional Asset Inspections”.

Drone technology is a revolutionary solution to faster, safer and more cost-effective asset inspections. Using our technology we can inspect your assets in a matter of hours. The traditional scaffold method might take you 3 days to set up, and $20,000 in costs before you even start the inspection process. Our drone technology can be up and running within an hour of us visiting your site. This saves you time and money and guarantees minim shutdowns or risk to workers as any assets at any heights can be quickly, easily and accurately inspected.

Traditionally, people are required to climb onto structures to conduct inspections. These high up workplaces present a risk to employees that have to be mitigated by the Employer. This mitigation includes the provision of safety equipment, safety harnesses and scaffolding to protect the employee from falling. Besides the risk to the employee, all of this safety equipment is expensive if you have to hire a crane you will need a wallet full of cash.

The innovative drone technology suitable for many conditions:

  • Inaccessible assets
  • Towers and tall structures
  • Exhaust & Flare stacks
  • Wind turbines
  • Power lines
  • Bridges
  • Roofs of buildings
  • Large and tall equipment

We provide drone inspection services to quickly and easily inspect roof and building envelope. By deploying drones inspection, we make the workplace safer, while helping clients reduce costs and time.

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